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Education is always changing in the UK, so keep up-to-date via our news section. We’ll deliver all the essential facts that you need to know on both the state and the independent sectors in Britain.

Find out how how the curriculum is developing and what impact it will have on your child. Get regular updates on how the credit crunch is affecting independent schools. Discover more about discipline and standards of behaviour in Britain’s schools.

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‘A happy school’ better than a high-achieving school

A survey conducted by finds that parents rate good pastoral care higher than discipline and academic results …read more

ISC reports rise in pupil numbers at private schools Rated: 5.0

Uniform is not a panacea for problems by Alaistair Brownlow Rated: 5.0

Children with speech difficulties deprived of expert help Rated: 5.0

Tom-Brown reviewed by The Great Website Guide Rated: 5.0

Exclusive articles

In praise of learning: Sarah Rickett talks about Salisbury Cathedral's work with schoolchildren

In praise of learning: Sarah Rickett talks about Salisbury Cathedral's work with schoolchildren

The director of learning and outreach at Salisbury Cathedral talks about how the Cathedral works with kids …read more

Examining the possibilities

Examining the possibilities

As his own teenage children prepare for exams, Salisbury Cathedral School’s deputy head, Andrew Lewin, wonders whether the current education system has got it right …read more



Yes, it’s that time of year again. The gruelling Ten Tors is around the corner. We asked one plucky participant for the lowdown… …read more


Pupils at Exeter School have a new hero, reports ROXANNE DURIS …read more

The future’s bright

The much improved Bath Community Academy receives a special visit …read more

The Royal High is 150!

2015 is shaping up to be a jam-packed year of celebration for pupils, staff, alumni and parents at this long-standing Bath school. …read more

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