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Website advertising permits placement of advertisements in select sections of the site. This initiative generates revenue that helps support the website’s ability to provide high-quality information while providing our sponsors and advertisers with a targeted, accurate and valuable route to market.

Advertising content and format
Advertisements on are designed in the well-known banner, skyscraper or Multiple Purpose Unit ad format, appearing in a location bespoke to the client. Along with paid advertisements, house ads are placed on the site to help promote various services and sections of the website that are of interest to our audience. The pages within the website are selected for advertisement placement based on site traffic, provided that these pages are deemed to be appropriate for advertising by’s Advertising Review Committee, which comprises editor and account manager. Each advertisement must meet existing guidelines for advertising (please ask for details). Advertising does not appear on every section of

Privacy does collect aggregate data on visitors. Such information may be shared with advertisers to determine their advertising effectiveness.

Pair your targeted advertisement with related actions from thousands of potential clients

Advanced targeting
Target by age, gender, location, interests and more.

Content integration
Get noticed, not skipped.

Flexible pricing
Buy clicks, impressions or a fully integrated campaign.

Trusted referrals
Use a truly trusted environment to target your services.

Tom-Brown pages
Represent your business, brand, product and more by creating a distinct and customised profile.

Quick set-up
Update quickly and easily by contacting
Easy customisation
Display rich media in a flexible layout to a targeted and responsive audience.

Be smart
Maximise your potential through bespoke targeted campaigns. Discuss survey and sponsorship opportunities with our account managers face-to-face.

For more information on becoming a commercial partner to please contact Christine Penny.

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School Advertising

Schools / Colleges and education authorities recognise Tom-Brown as a powerful marketing tool in the world of independent education. By signing up to our exclusive enhanced profile package, including banners and a full detailed profile (including images, video and prospectus download) you can also reap the benefits.

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