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Welcome to tom-brown.com - your complete guide to the world of independent education. There are so many important decisions for a parent to make, as your child progresses from nursery through to university. Our team of education experts and leading journalists will present all the essential advice you need in a format that is focused, easy-to-use and lively.

Parents spend a considerable amount of time and money on decisions over schooling, and we can help at every step of the way. Our constantly evolving editorial content will focus on a wide breadth of relevant topics, including academic achievement, financial matters, pastoral care and cultural stimulus at independent schools.

Education is changing every day and is a huge learning curve for parents, pupils and teachers. Tom-brown.com will be constantly updated to reflect this and offer incisive comment and invaluable advice.

We hope you enjoy visiting the site and that you register on our forum to have your say and exchange ideas with other parents, pupils and teachers.

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